It's weird how we hang out

January 11, 2020 • ☕️ 1 min read

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Don’t you find it weird? We go through out life, see and talk to a lot of people, decide “Okay, you are the one I’m going to hang out with” and Bam! you’re hanging out with them.
Making memories with them, sharing stuff with them, fighting-shouting with them.

Supposing that your choice in choosing people is not absolutely incredible from the very start and you are also depending on luck for who you initially hang out with (like all of us), by the time you’re half a century old you get a really good mix of types of people you have hung out with.
The nihilist types, the joyous types.
The open ones, the closed ones.
The true ones, the fake ones.
The happy ones, the broken ones.

Think of all the types of people you have hung out with, and know that all those people changed your personality in some way or other to lead your personality to where it is today.
Very tiny nudges in your behavior, either for better or worse.
You look back on all the people you were around and thank that some of them were there with you and thank a little more that some of them are not anymore around you.
We miss some, we hate some and we don’t care about some.

All in all, it still feels weird.
It’s good but weird.

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