Knowing people a little too well

January 4, 2020 • ☕️ 2 min read

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Sometimes, we get to know people a little too well. Either it's forced upon us or either we can't resist not knowing them too well. Sometimes its curiosity, sometimes its choice, sometimes its timing, sometimes its plain old luck. Different times - different reasons, you get the drill.

But the point remains the same, we know some people a little too well.
Their quirkiness, the tiny nudges in their mood when no one can feel anything, their walk, whether or not they’d like some kind of person or not, their smell - of course.

And even when we part ways, temporarily or permanently, a part of them stays with us. Forever.
And you can’t totally get them out of your system, at least not very easily and in a short amount of time.

We might love them, hate them, need them, want them - but once the wave of these emotions gets down, once we are our rational selves again, we find ourselves living with their same quirkiness with ease.

Married people would find it very visible in their lives, I’d imagine. You could’ve just concluded a gigantic fight over something so trivial, but just afterward if you happen to find yourself making tea for both of you, you’d know just how she/he likes it and make it just like that.
Why, after getting called names and calling names, would someone not even let even the taste of their tea go untasteful for the other person.

The movie Marriage Story ends with such a scene. There is crying, shouting, fighting, downright meanest things being said to each other but still, still the woman couldn’t let the man go with his shoelace undone while he’s walking away. (I know he’s carrying their child and she maybe fearing that he’ll trip over and shatter the skull of their only child so it may just be a good precaution but please just let me look at it in a little different way here, thenks)

And now a question. Do you really want to know some people that well?
If you had a choice, would you really want to not know a person you already know, and their entire deal, at all?
And more importantly, can you?
I think even if we wanted it like that, it’s not entirely possible.

A friend once told me that in all the girls/boys you meet (romantically speaking), you will always be looking for something similar to that one boy/girl you wanted but couldn’t have.

Maybe true, maybe just a guy who couldn’t get over a girl. Who knows. But it still makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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